A Theatre Near You

150 Years of Going to the Show in Ottawa-Gatineau
Urban Forum’s own Alain Miguelez will lead the evening’s discussion with a presentation based on his 2004 book of the same name. The discussion will focus on the evolution of the architecture of movie theatres and the links between theatre design and the evolution of the industry. The presentation will be richly illustrated and feature rare archival material

Staged Spaces: The Importance of Mediating Space in the Movie Theatre
For Christopher Warden, the movie theatre has always been a place of public congregation. While the auditorium is the typically the destination, it is the surrounding context of the street edges and lobby spaces, that make the cinema-going experience. Christopher will use a series of case studies to illustrate past, present and potential architectural models for cinemas.

New Company, Changing Times
Fabrizio Stanghieri
Vice-President, Corporate Affairs and Real Estate, Cineplex Entertainment will highlight the constant changes affecting the movie theatre industry, and how it responds to a market environment. Mr. Stanghieri will discuss Cineplex’s on-going need to transform its business as being solely about movie exhibition and its goal of creating entertainment destinations.